How to use glo

Advanced Heat Technology.™ Simple Tobacco Enjoyment.

This quality does not mean that this product is less harmful than other tobacco products.

Insert a neo stick

Slide open the shutter on top of the glo tobacco heater, and insert a neo stick.

Turn on

Hold down the control button on the glo tobacco heater for three seconds to start the heating process. The device will also gently vibrate after three seconds to indicate that the control button can be released.

Device ready

After 40 seconds, all four lights on the device will be illuminated and the device will also gently vibrate to indicate that it’s ready to use.

Ready to use

Place the neo stick between your lips and inhale gently. Each session lasts 3.5 minutes. Three of the four lights will turn off to indicate the session is coming to an end. The device will then turn off automatically.

Tobacco use causes harm to your health and is addictive.