Introducing the new
Compact, pocket-sized device
Lightweight design
Fully charged in 1-3 hours
15 consecutive sessions per charge
glo™ series 2 | mini
Small in size.
Big on taste.
glo, Advanced Heat Technology.
Simple Tobacco Enjoyment.™

glo is easy to use with a single button interface. Just slide, insert, press, and buzz.


Get the glo device you need to start heating tobacco.

neo™ sticks

neo has a range of premium tobacco blends.


Everything from replacement USB cables to cleaning brushes.

The glo Calculator

Calculate your potential savings.


1 pack of 20 premium cigarettes2


20 neo sticks4


20 neo sticks


1 pack of 20 premium cigarettes

Potential savings:

$105.00 / month

1ITCO estimated average selling price. Retailers are free to set their own retail selling prices.2Calculated based on an average of 10 cigarettes/day3Price of 20 neo sticks calculated on the 100 pack format at $51.274Calculated based on an average of 10 neo sticks/day

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Tobacco use causes harm to your health and is addictive.