Introducing Glo™

Welcome to glo – Advanced Heat Technology.™ Simple Tobacco Enjoyment.

glo heats tobacco rather than burning it, it produces no ash and less odour*. The glo device works exclusively with a range of premium tobacco blends, designed by neo logo™ and available in a variety of flavours.

Neostiks contain tobacco leaves – specially processed to preserve real tobacco flavour.

It’s simple and smart – just one device to charge and one button to operate.

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Advanced heat technology™

Less odour compared to cigarettes*

Heated for the real taste of tobacco

Single button interface

Up to 30 consecutive sessions from a single charge

*Compared to a conventional cigarette when smoked. This quality does not mean this product produces less adverse health effects than other tobacco products.


Get the glo device you need to start heating tobacco


neo logo has a range of premium tobacco blends.


Everything from replacement USB cables to cleaning brushes.

Glo, Advanced Heat Technology.™ Simple Tobacco Enjoyment.

glo is easy to use with a single button interface. Just slide, insert, press, and buzz.

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New neo logo Neostiks

Choose between:

neo logo Rich Tobacco, a deeply satisfying taste of true tobacco with rich, warm notes for a complex sensorial experience;

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The Glo calculator

Calculate your potential savings.


1 pack of 20 premium cigarettes2


20 neo logo Neostiks4
Potential savings


1ITCO estimated average selling price. Retailers are free to set their own retail selling prices. 2Calculated based on an average of 10 cigarettes/day 3Price of 20 Neostiks™ calculated on the 100 pack format at $51.27 4Calculated based on an average of 10 Neostiks™/day